Virtual Sports Betting Solution

Developed in association with Kiron Interactive, SA, our Virtual Sports System provides a ringside experience to the players enticing them to participate. We pride on creating a stimulating real world experience which enhances the player experience and entices them to place more bets. This is done by the use of high-end Full HD graphics (1080P) using the latest CGI technology and a proprietary physics engine. It captures the vitality of the real world sport down to the last detail making it thrilling and exciting for the players. E.g. The virtual race video is three dimensional and real-to-life so as to provide the patrons a trackside experience.

We provide a variety of virtual games on this platform like:

  • Virtual Horse Racing
  • Virtual Dog Racing
  • Virtual Football
  • Badminton
  • Table Tennis
  • Boxing
  • Cycling
  • Archery
  • Car Racing
  • Roulette

Our system is extremely user-friendly and requires minimum transition time. Odds are automatically determined based on margins set by the operator. It offers a high degree of flexibility

in setting up and managing race events, margins and other race criteria.

Dusane is the licensed distributor of BetMan and Racekings solutions which it jointly developed with Kiron. Both the products uses Dusane’s proprietary BATS transactional framework to enable betting on pre-scheduled virtual racing events.

BetMan Virtual Sports System

BetMan is a EPOS solution to accept bets that be deployed in an establishment of any size. It is also flexible to accept bets of a variety of fixed odds bets on our virtual games. BetMan system can either be set up as an over-the-counter EPOS system or on self-service betting terminals, either of which is extremely user-friendly.

Features offered by BetMan Virtual Sports System:

  • Supports point-of-sale terminals and self-service POS
  • Windows based system with modular architecture that allows for simple scaling from the smallest to the largest operation
  • Attractive user-friendly touch screen interface
  • Manages operator accounts, including credit control features to restrict fraud or default by operators
  • Comprehensive reporting system with browser-based administration for ease of deployment
  • Reliability and recovery mechanisms safeguarding the system from failures in networks, hardware, software and databases
  • Configurable to accommodate specific clients operating requirements

Continuous R&D

We are continuously investing in R&D and product development to remain competent with the latest technologies and deliver the best to our clients. BATS is being developed to accept games from other gaming developers too so that the client can increase the menu of virtual sports available in their establishment.

Apart from the sports given above, we are also planning to add more racing and team based sports to our virtual sports portfolio. Also, a dedicated animation team allows us to continuously enhance our graphics to life-like standards as well as offer clients graphic customizations on a cost effective basis.

Why our Virtual Sports system

Our passion and focus on virtual sports is unmatched and ensures continuous that the client receives only the latest and best in technology. Our commitment to this field is evident through our investment in R&D and product development. Apart from the technology, we also bring 12 years of industry experience using which we can provide turn-key solutions and best advice to the client. Over these years we have developed a rich client portfolio who will vouch for our service ethic.


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