Lotto Software

Lotto Game is one of the most popular lottery games in Africa. There are various forms of lotto games like

  1. Fast Lotto (5/90, 5/50, 5/31, etc.)
  2. Super Lotto (6/36, 6/42, 6/45, 6/49, etc.)
  3. Thunderball (5/50 + 2/7, 5/45 +2/8, etc.)
  4. 2By2 (2/26 + 2/26, etc.)
  5. Fixed-odds lottery
  6. Pari-mutuel odds

Dusane Infotech’s lotto software is parameterized and capable of configuring different forms of lotto games. It provides all the features to support critical lotto game operations. Lotto software allows lottery operators to easily configure multiple options like single, multiple and random quick pick apart from traditional lotto games in which players could win huge amount of prizes by correctly predict the numbers drawn. As players also get lot of lotto game options to play with, they are also attracted towards the game. The lotto software also offers many add-on features to enable custom built lotto game solutions tailored to the specific need of the lottery operators. For prize payouts different methods like fix-odds, pari-mutuel prizes can be set based on the preference.