Keno System

Dusane’s best  Keno System benefits from experience we have gained in the gaming industry and analysis of Keno operator needs and experiences with their systems. Our game maths is flexible to allow you to modify payouts, margins and jackpot contributions if required. Bet limits can also be set based on your requirements. We have the requisite knowledge to advise on balancing payouts between big payouts on many numbers and regular payouts on few numbers.

Our Gaming system is flexible in defining the Keno parameters. It supports a traditional 80-numbered ticket and a draw of 20 numbers whose function is similar to a standard lottery. The ticket is divided into a two halves, with numbers 1-40 on the top and 41-80 on the bottom. Apart from this combination, the game administrator can change to a 15 / 80 combination through the game configuration screen.

The system also supports different betting options as such as Straight Bets, Bet Against, Hot All, High Roller and Top / Bottom / Evens.

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