Self Service Terminals

Self-service terminals or kiosks are a cost effective way for an establishment to engage patrons. They can be placed around the floor and thus provide multiple point of sales or contacts for the patrons to view games and place bets thereby increasing their engagement. It provides a safe and controlled environment for the player to browse opportunities and place bets. The user interface is the most important aspect of this point of contact and Dusane provides best in class, easy to use User Interface for these self-service terminals.

Dusane Gaming offers Self Service Lottery Terminal for the players to view games and place bets with ease.

Our software is compatible with any kind of hardware and is integrated with the existing betting shop or casino system, so that a centralized accounts system can be provided. It also provides the option of using various hardware functions like touch screen terminal, LCD terminal, keyboard and mouse, bank note reader, card reader, ticket printer and receipt printer.

Basic features of the software include:

  • Easy to use and handle interface, even by novice users
  • Intelligent transaction processing and bill validator
  • Multi-language support
  • Fully-integrated with the central shop system
  • Secure transaction processing

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