Sports Betting Software

Dusane Infotech offers comprehensive and all-inclusive gaming software for retail based online sports betting and retailer-based POS sports betting software. Built on our proprietary cutting edge BATS betting system, the betting software is customizable as per the operator’s requirements. Our extensive global experience enables us to deliver this solution anywhere in the world.

Sports Betting Software by Dusane Gaming

Dusane’s focus is always on client requirements and accordingly, this betting system is built to deliver high performance with robust security and complete fault-tolerance. This ensures client and player safety from technical errors and frauds. The system has been designed to be user-friendly and allows dynamic updates for odds, Bet Types and Bet Options. We have provided web-based administration console to enable management to customize the system as per their needs. This level of customization helps the management is delivering the optimum game variant that keeps their patrons happy.

Features of Sports Betting Software

  • High level of flexibility on Game Definition
  • Can be configured for any sport (team sport or individual sport)
  • Varied Terminal Options – PC, Specialized POS, Handheld, Mobile / SMS
  • Web Interface for betting portals and Player Account Management Integration
  • Online Game Management
  • Real-Time Risk Monitoring
  • Integration
    • Real-time Odd Feeds
    • Real-Time Result / Game Cast
  • Play Anywhere, Anytime
    • Terminal
    • SMS
    • Mobile Apps
    • Web
  • Odds and Result Display on Digital Displays