Retail Management

The BATS system performs all retailer accounting in real-time, as each transaction happens.

BATS, a Lottery Management Software by Dusane Gaming, manages all real-time retailer accounting for every transaction that happens.

  • Sales of all Lottery games and pack activations (or, settlements) are debited from the retailer account (balance increases)
  • Payments of prizes are credited to the retailer account
  • Commissions are credited (also in real time) to the retailer account
  • The adjustment made to a management terminal via ADMIN as either debit or credit to the retailer account, as appropriate.
  • Remittances via nightly processing or by entering a remittance at any time and seeing it reflected immediately.
  • Special promotions such as Buy X and Get Y Free tickets.
  • Distributor/Agent model with the variable commission for every game.
  • Region wise differentiation of gaming parameters and commission structure.

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