Lotto Games or Lotto is the most popular form of gaming worldwide and is usually licensed by the Federal or the State governments in most of the countries. Lotto games are a game of chance which is usually based on numbers. These games are simpler to understand and hence its popularity.

Dusane Gaming offers and supports various versions of Lotto Lottery Software through BATS.

There are different types of Lotto games and they differentiate on the odds it offers to the customers. Some games offer a higher payout to less number of winners, while others give lesser payout but for a larger number of winners. The Game design which is basically driven by the probability of a number sequence to match, defines the payout. Some Lotto games can offer Jackpots which offer huge marketing and PR opportunity for the game operators. Dusane provides the best lotto software

Dusane’s BATS Lottery system has flexibility in setting up a unlimited number of Lotto games. Some of the standard games already in offer are:

  • Lotto 6/35-49, 5/31-39, 5/90

  • Lotto with Thunder Ball and Bonus Ball

  • Pari-mutuel games with Jackpot rollover and snowball

  • Digit 3D, 4D, 5D

  • Fixed Odds Number Games

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