Great scope for Lottery Business in Africa after FY 2018 Showing

Great scope for Lottery Business in Africa after FY 2018 Showing

A brief study of the emerging lottery in Africa: Uncovering the star performers behind the massive sales growth of 13.8% in FY2018, along with a concise view of the limitless opportunities present in online lottery in Africa.

One of the most lucrative businesses in the world, the lottery business is an industry worth billions of dollars and is growing steadily every year. The Global Lottery Sales Growth of 8.7% in 2018 against 2017 is a testament to that.

While the mature Asia Pacific market may be ahead having seen a 14.2% growth, the emerging African market with a 13.8% growth is a very close second and presents a big opportunity for investors!

In comparison to other markets, the African market is a significantly steady market with a continuous rising graph as opposed to the relatively low-key performances in North America, Europe & Latin America and an average performance in the Asia Pacific market. It is to be noted here that it was only a resurgent Q4 performance that boosted an otherwise modest Year 2018.

Morocco the biggest gainer in a strong year for Africa

In a year when contributing African lotteries saw combined sales rise by 13.8% in contrast to 2017, Morocco’s sports betting flagship La Marocaine des Jeux (MDJS) was the world’s second-best performing lottery of 2018 with a huge 23.8% rise in sales in FY2018 as against FY2017.

In tow with MDJS’s superb performance was the Moroccan National Lottery – Loterie Nationale (Morocco), that experienced a similarly stunning 19.9% increase in year-on-year sales.

Another impressive performance by an African lottery in FY 2018 was by the Mauritian National Lottery which saw an extraordinary final quarter of 30% increase in sales in comparison to Q4 2017 to enable it to finish FY 2018 on a strong note accumulating total sales rise of 10.4% in contrast to FY 2017.

Great Scope for Online Lottery Business in Africa

With the tremendous rise in Internet availability and smartphones over the past few years, the online lottery industry in Africa has experienced an unparalleled boost in sales.

The potent use of Digital marketing by Lottery Businesses is a key factor behind this increase in sales. With the further spread of online lottery options via existing and new online lottery software, it is only expected to get better in the coming years for lottery businesses in Africa.

New online lottery businesses, particularly those with path breaking technologies and innovative ideas can transform the lottery industry.

Companies like Dusane Infotech are global leaders in supplying systems and solutions for online lottery projects. With a treasure trove of globally varied and turnkey project-driven experience across more than 25 Countries, Dusane Infotech empowers the Operator, by providing all the key technology and operational domain elements needed to succeed in this business.


A potential goldmine in the cash-rich lottery industry is the African market, with successful online lottery penetration still limited to a few major countries.

Make the most of this favourable scenario by investing in online lottery business in Africa!

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