Marketing Lottery Business Without ‘Text-book Marketing’ it! Guerrilla Marketing Techniques to Expand Your Lottery Business

It is very important for lottery business to increase the level of engagement with the lottery software service, and to create a memorable experience for the consumer. By creating this memorable experience for the consumer, it increases the likelihood that a consumer, or someone who interacted with the campaign will tell their friends about it and via word of mouth, the lottery business being advertised reaches a lot more people than initially anticipated and means it has more of a mass audience. This is nothing but Guerrilla Marketing!

Guerrilla Marketing is a great attention grabbing, bold and low-budget marketing technique which has proven itself by helping the businesses; by making the product go viral, build partnerships and create a unique impression in the minds of the consumers. Guerrilla Marketing is very effective for lottery businesses who are competing against bigger competitors since this technique is more reliant on the amount of imagination, time & energy put in the campaign rather than the budget.

Here are certain ways of how Guerrilla Marketing can be implemented effectively in a Lottery Business :


In today’s world, trends which are viral have got the number of audiences that any marketer dreams of. Therefore, it is necessary to associate your brand with the trend in such a way that your lottery business capitalizes on the trend! For example, a recent trend was of Fidget Spinners, so a Lottery Business can market themselves as ‘Spin to Win’ campaigns by introducing their own fidget spinners.


To grow business globally, it is important to grow your business locally first! lottery operators can partner with relevant businesses such as gaming centers, bars etc to establish a collaborative relationship for hand-in-hand growth of both the parties.


A tried and tested formula, flyers are fast, cheap and can be availed in 1000s. This increases the number of people that are going to be targeted and so, if utilized to their full potential, flyers are very economical as well as effective to attain your marketing objectives. To implement flyer marketing in the lottery business, the content should be such that the lottery will potentially trigger an emotional need for the same among the local audience.


Versatile and cost-effective, t-shirts are such marketing weapons which contain creative, but well-defined messages. For example, printing “Ask me how to win money” with the company logo on t-shirts and distributing the same will have a great potential to become viral and outlast the campaign period, which is very necessary for lottery business.


Marketing with local charities is deemed to create a certain level of goodwill for the marketer. Lottery businesses can market themselves at such charities with pin-point philanthropic messages which would create an urge in the local audience to contribute for the betterment of the society by winning money in the lottery.


Wrapping cars with company logo, tags and advertisements and letting that car on the run within the target area is another method of guerrilla marketing for the lottery businesses, since the target audience of the lottery businesses generally act on their impulses and what is better than a moving car with an advertisement to grab attention and create an impulse!


Distributing water bottles for free at the end of marathons, hikes, races and so on and so forth is a very effective guerrilla marketing method. This bodes well since the targets are given the ‘Heavenly Feeling’ to quench the thirst after any such activity, which is bound to create a good impression in the minds of the target audience. To take advantage of this, lottery businesses can include their details at the back to expose them to the business on a good note!

The days of outrageous traditional advertising are on a decline, lottery Businesses need to capitalize on fresh guerrilla marketing methods for a deep impact!

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