Huge Rise in Demand for Mobile Lottery during Lockdown

Huge Rise in Demand for Mobile Lottery during Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic lockdown has greatly boosted mobile lottery across the world with a tremendous surge in user registrations on mobile lottery platforms along with a rise in searches for mobile lottery related keywords on Google. Having been forced to stay inside their homes to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus, regular lottery players have been deprived of playing lottery and paper lottery operations worldwide have come to a standstill. This has led lottery enthusiasts to turn to playing mobile lottery through SMS/USSD medium or via lottery apps and websites. By logging into these apps/websites, they are able to play their preferred lottery immediately from the comfort of their home.

Mobile Lottery – A Mode of Earning for People

Another reason for the surge in popularity of mobile lottery during the lockdown period is the fact that mobile lottery is now being perceived by people as a serious mode of making money rather than just a pastime luxury. With economies across the globe having been badly hit by the enforced lockdowns, people looking for ways to boost their finances have started searching for and playing mobile lotteries across the various digital platforms available.

Surge in Mobile Lottery Numbers

The South African National Lottery has revealed that hordes of players have signed up to play their lottery online during the lockdown phase. From the end of March when the nationwide lockdown took effect, the National Lottery has seen a hefty hike in new online user registrations – taking the overall number of registered players to more than 883,000 players.

Ithuba, the lottery managers of South African National Lottery said that in just a matter of a few days, 42,000 new players registered to play on their app. They also said that it has now become more important than ever to encourage players to play online instead of going to stores to buy lottery tickets.

These rising numbers are further attested by the fact that there has been an almost 100% mammoth rise in the average monthly searches in the African continent for the keyword ‘lottery app’ and other related keywords in the three-months duration of March-April-May as compared to the searches in the period of November-December-January.

Types of Mobile Lottery


SMS & USSD based lottery is an easy and convenient way of playing lottery games. Paper lottery operators can increase their reach by offering these two channels of gaming. Any type of phone, not necessarily a smartphone, can enable a person to play lottery games using SMS or USSD.

Web-based applications

Web-based mobile lottery offers lottery players with a safe and secure means of online ticket purchase & result viewing. Web-based applications include playing lottery through a lottery app or a lottery website accessed via a mobile. Most top lottery apps provide functionality along with entertainment value to the players. They ensure maximum player interaction and involvement, maximizing value for lottery operators.

Mobile Lottery as another Point of Sale for Paper Lottery Operators

Taking into account the significant rise in the demand for mobile lottery worldwide, it’s high time that paper lottery operators incorporate mobile lottery as another point of sale in their lottery operations. This will enable them to ride the wave of this increasing demand for mobile lottery and ensure that they aren’t left behind in the lurch by their competitors.

Dusane Gaming – True Business Partner for Lottery Operators

Dusane Gaming has been an aggressor in encouraging paper lottery operators to include mobile lottery as another point of sale in their existing lottery operations. Automation of the existing paper lottery games by introducing the digital channels into the existing operations will ensure substantial revenue to lottery operators even in times of crisis when the paper lottery operations are not functional. Also, introducing new parallel channels like Mobile App based selling, Website-based selling, selling via USSD & SMS will boost interest for traditional lottery in the eyes of the current digital-loving generation.

Speaking of the automation process, Dusane proposes to add new ticket inventory in digital format of the same games that are being sold in the paper format. The draw for the games shall remain common for both paper & digital formats and the prize money will be the same as well. We possess the technology & process automation wherewithal to help the government and the operators to add this new essential channel to its operations.

Furthermore, Dusane Gaming has a wide array of best-in-class gaming business offerings which can moreover strengthen your lottery business by opening up new robust sources of audience & revenue.

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