Dusane’s Journey through the Decade in Betting Software & Lottery Solutions

Milestone achieved by Dusane over the Decade.

Today, Dusane is blazing a trail in the world of Betting Software, Lottery Solutions and Casino Gaming. The birth of this rising star happened even before it took on the moniker of Dusane, catering to a single client, Playwin lottery. The journey of the creation of this entity has been an exciting one, to sworld-renowned
The founders had a dream- To become a world renowned betting software and gaming solutions company and they quickly realised that they could set themselves apart from the rest, by the development of a cutting edge platform. That was the Eureka moment in which the team started building their proprietary gaming platform, Bet Acceptance and Transaction System (BATS). It was a game-changing event that has defined the company as a leader and innovator. Through the years, Dusane has never lost focus on further improving and developing its betting software and online lottery platform to remain head and shoulders ahead of the competition. The Team eventually built a robust, flexible, versatile platform with plug and play features, coupled with customizable delivery channels.

Their journey was not without its hiccups. The bootstrapped company soon felt the pinch of a cash crunch. To support the software development project, the company started working on a KPO model and bagged a few clients on an outsourced basis. With this line of business, they entered the African market which was to soon become their niche. Coinciding with this event was the completion of their BATS software in 2012. Armed with this proprietary software, they signed Kiron Interactive as their first client for deployment of BATS for virtual sports betting and introduced their betting software to Africa. After that, they just never looked back. The snowball started gaining momentum with Dusane bagging a few lottery projects and adding multiple channels to their business. They made their presence felt in Mobile, USSD and Web channels and modified their systems, right from gaming to transactions, to be scalable across any channel.

The success of Dusane can be attributed to their hands-on client servicing model. They have a physical presence at the client site and offer not only their gaming platform and betting software but also their considerable experience in the Lottery and Gaming industry. They understand the needs and expectations of the client. Going a step beyond that, Dusane also gauges the knowledge and expertise of the client and accordingly plugs in any gaps from their own expertise. This helps the client in getting their business up and running much faster. Dusane has a deep and continuous customer engagement which enables them to understand the needs of the customer, their problems and their environment and thus provide them with highly customized betting software and gaming solutions. They engage with the customer using a 3 step process for deployment: An initial meeting to understand the needs and scope the work in detail, a midway review with a prototype to ensure that everyone is on the same page and a final meet happening just before the deployment. This approach is possibly unique to Dusane and is implemented because of Dusane’s cognizance of the nascent stage of the African market. This is also a testament to their deep understanding of the African markets and people. Offering further onsite support on a complimentary basis and certain relaxation of even commercial terms to help the Operator to quickly get his business up and running, has also been a trademark of this Company.

Innovation will always remain core to Dusane’s philosophy. They now provide betting software and games that are customizable in the minutiae. Resounding with their successes, their goals have now eveolved further and aim towards becoming a complete integrated solution provider in the Gaming industry. Their forays in hardware and turnkey projects have already met with resounding success.

This unstoppable force driving the extremely client focused and aggressive Team is leaping from one milestone to another and has made a mark for itself. Its future endeavors are more promising then their journey till date and will be awaited with bated breath.

For further information on its betting software and online lottery solutions, this wonderful Team can be reached at [email protected]