Dusane Contributes Again! Helps Expand Lottery Operator’s Channel Network


While Dusane had successfully deployed the online lottery for this Operator in West Africa, the Lottery Operator had required some extended timelines to convince his existing channel partners in the paper lottery business that, “online” was the way to go and that of them could reap the benefits of going online, in the long run.

Once this hurdle was crossed and the Lottery Operator started deploying the Terminals purchased from Dusane, he soon realized that he needed to quickly add a lot more Terminals for growing his revenues and also to create enough cash flow to manage payouts of sudden large winnings, which is a reality of Fixed Odds games like the 5/90 that he was offering.

Dusane steps in:

When the Lottery Operator expressed his desire to grow the Terminal network, Dusane offered to go beyond the role of being just a Technology Provider and help identify an Investor who could come in with Terminals, for a mutually agreeable fee payable over the long term.

Dusane worked on this matter and was able to identify and shortlist a potential Investor, who was willing to buy the required number of Terminals and provide these to the Operator, on a Hire-purchase mechanism. Previous business engagements with the Directors/Co-founders of Dusane helped the Investor gather the faith and confidence that Dusane had indeed put forth a serious and credible investment opportunity for them. The Investor had an introductory meeting with the Lottery Operator in his Country to get to know the stakeholders, current operations, future plans and the vision that the Operator has for his lottery business.

Based on the discussion on the draft Hire-purchase Agreement, the second meeting was used to actually sign off and formalize this relationship between the Investor and the Lottery Operator. The clear understanding here is that the investment would be secured by linking timely monthly payments for the hire purchase to the uninterrupted continuity of Dusane’s lottery software and support services. These terms were found to be a fair demand by the Operator and the logistics for the infusion of new Terminals onto the Operator’s channel network is now being planned for.

Preparing for the new Terminal infusion:

This pre-project period is being utilized by the Investor to monitor the daily number of live terminals on the network and daily average sales. The Lottery Operator is tasked with ensuring that all the Terminals from the first purchase are issued to channel partners and that he constantly monitors and incentivizes them to utilize them every day for selling the lottery tickets. The Operator is also being encouraged to keep his existing Support contract payments up to date, so as to be able to better manage his cash flows when the monthly payment commitment for the Hire-purchase Agreement comes into play. To ensure that this infusion is managed better and leads to optimal results, the new lot of Terminals would be sent in batches to the Lottery Operator and each successive batch dispatched only after the previous lot is deployed in the market, to the maximum extent possible.

The Operator has assured of his full cooperation to enable this and all the stakeholders, including Dusane look forward to the exponential growth of lottery sales in the times to come.

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